Navigating an Uncertain Future: An exploration of China’s influence on the Netherlands’ future maritime logistics hub function


The maritime logistics hub function is of strategic importance to the Netherlands as a trading country. The Netherlands positions itself as the 'Gateway to Europe' thanks to its advanced logistics network and plays an important role in the global economy. This position nevertheless faces an uncertain future: there is no guarantee that the Netherlands will remain a leader in the years ahead. Geopolitics, and particularly the influence of China, will have a major impact on the Dutch maritime logistics hub function.

On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this report examines China's influence on the Netherlands' maritime logistics hub function.

The main question posed in the study is: How is China's influence on the central position of the Netherlands' maritime logistics hub function likely to evolve in the decades ahead and what possible actions could the Dutch government take in response to it?

The purpose of this study is to assess scenarios as a basis for possible actions by the Dutch government and the Dutch maritime logistics sector, particularly with regard to the Netherlands' central position and strategic autonomy as a maritime logistics hub.

Erasmus UPT and Clingendael joint report for the Dutch China Knowledge Network. Click on the image to go to the report.