Dutch government investigating reports Chinese police operate illegally in Netherlands to silence critics - South China Morning Post


The Dutch government is looking into reports that Chinese police forces are operating illegally in the Netherlands and attempting to intimidate critics of Beijing. An investigation by two Dutch media outlets, RTL Nieuws and Follow the Money, found that "at least two offices" had been opened by Chinese police without telling the Dutch authorities. The branches reportedly operate under the moniker of "overseas service stations" where Chinese-Dutch citizens can renew their Chinese documentation, such as driving licences.

Analysts said the police stations affair was unlikely to improve perceptions. "This is bad for the image of China in the Netherlands, which has deteriorated in recent years," said Frans-Paul van der Putten, a researcher and founder of ChinaGeopolitics, a Dutch advisory business.

Article by Finbarr Bermingham. Click on the image below to go to the article.