ASML, The Netherlands or the EU: Whose problem are US export restrictions? - IO


The big question is: Is the ACI applicable or not to the case of ASML – and the Netherlands? The motion filed by Volt in October was defeated. The Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Liesje Schreinemacher also believes the instrument is invalid in the case of ASML. In her view, it does not involve economic coercion against an EU member state, and the restrictions are not directed against the Netherlands.

Frans-Paul van der Putten, China and geopolitics analyst, finds Schreinemacher's argument inappropriate. The sovereignty of the Netherlands is affected in this case. It is up to the government to decide which chip machines are exported and which aren't. Right now, the US determines that. If the ACI doesn't apply to this case, we have to change it and make sure that it does."

Article by Aafke Eppinga.