China, Europe and International Security

Interests, Roles, and Prospects

This book examines the roles played by China and Europe in the domain of international security in the 21st century. Bringing together Chinese and European expertise on the Sino-European Security relationship , this book positions Europe - both the EU and the major national actors - and China in a global security context. It offers not merely an elaboration of the theme of bilateral security relations, but also introduces a wider view on Europe and China as global security actors. The chapters cover four main themes: the perceptions of and actual relations between Europe and China as security actors; relations of China and Europe with third parties such as the US, Russia, and Iran; Europe and China as actors in multilateral security approaches; Europe and China as (potential) security actors in each other's technological domain or region.


Editors: Frans-Paul van der Putten and Chu Shulong

Series editors: Sumit Ganguly  and Andrew Scobell 

Frans-Paul van der Putten and Chu Shulong

1. Europe's Views on China's Role in International Security
May-Britt Stumbaum

2. China's Views on Europe's Role in International Security
Zhang Yanbin

3. Bilateral Security Relations between China and Europe
Wang Bo

4. Space and Defence Technology in European-Chinese Security Relations
Nicola Casarini

5. Hegemonic Cycles and Sino-European Cooperation in Global Governance
Xuan Xingzhang and Yang Xiaoping

6. US-China-Europe Security Relations: The Global Security Structure and Order in the Twenty-First Century
Chu Shulong and Chen Songchuan

7. Russia-China-Europe security relations
Feng Feng

8. The European Union and East Asian Security: Prepared for the Future?
Gudrun Wacker

9. Cooperation and Competition on the Iran Nuclear Dispute: The Role of the European Union and China
Willem van Kemenade

10. Chinese and European Engagement in UN Peace Operations
Janka Oertel

11. Europe Sails East, China Sails West: Somali Piracy and Shifting Geopolitical Relations in the Indian Ocean
Susanne Kamerling and Frans-Paul van der Putten

Frans-Paul van der Putten and Chu Shulong