Changing Security Dynamics 

in East Asia

A Post-US Regional Order in the Making?

This collection explores how regional actors deal with uncertainties that are inherent to the current geopolitical situation in East Asia. The contributors collectively demonstrate that strategic uncertainty has become a major factor in the shaping of the security order in East Asia. 

Editors: Elena Atanassova-Cornelis and Frans-Paul van der Putten

Series editor: Mark Beeson 

Why Strategic Uncertainty?
Elena Atanassova-Cornelis, Frans-Paul van der Putten

1. Theoretical Approaches to Asia's Changing Security Order
Nick Bisley

2. East Asian Security, Policy Debates and American Leadership
Robert Sutter

3. China's Approach to the US Role in East Asia: The Dynamics of Volatile Competition
Shi Yinhong

4. "Keeping the United States In": Japan and Regional Order in East Asia
Kuniko Ashizawa

5. The US Security Role in South Korea: Issues that Test South Korean Confidence in the US Commitment
Larry Niksch

6. Political Resolve and Strategic Uncertainty in Taiwan-US Relations
Alexis Littlefield

7. New Strategic Uncertainty and Security Order in Southeast Asia
Carlyle A. Thayer

8. A US-China Dual Leadership in East Asia?
Quansheng Zhao

9. Non-Traditional Security Cooperation and Northeast Asian Regional Order
Jaewoo Choo

10. Power Bumps on the Way to Regional Community: Asia's Mixed Security Logics
Alice D. Ba

A Post-US Regional Order in the Making? East Asia's Security Futures
Frans-Paul van der Putten, Elena Atanassova-Cornelis

This important volume offers an excellent range of views and arguments on the most important strategic question in Asia, and perhaps globally, today. In well-considered chapters by many of the leading scholars of Asian strategic affairs it offers rigorous and balanced analyses of the key questions which will shape Asia's strategic order over coming years. The chapters combine scholarly rigour with a robust sense of political and policy realities. It will quickly win a key place in the literature on Asian strategic affairs.

- Hugh White, Australian National University, Australia

Changing Security Dynamics is an excellent and timely contribution to the key debates surrounding the evolving regional security order in East Asia. The volume brings together many of the established and now emerging thought leaders on these issues from North America, Asia and Europe. The analysis in the volume is distinguished by a mix of clear theoretical thinking, detailed consideration of the role of the US and China in determining any new or continuing security order, and the manoeuvring of other key states actors in Northeast and Southeast Asia in influencing the emerging strategic landscape. Overall, the volume forms a central work in debating the future permutations of the US 'rebalance' and US-centred regional order and forms essential reading for both advanced researchers and students. 

- Christopher W. Hughes, University of Warwick, UK