Frans-Paul van der Putten

Foto: Serge Ligtenberg

Dr Frans-Paul van der Putten is a Senior Research Fellow at the Clingendael Institute. His area of research is the geopolitical significance of the rise of China. He is the coordinator of the Clingendael China Centre and the author of De Wederopstanding van China: Van prooi tot wereldmacht ('The Resurrection of China: From prey to global power'), a geopolitical history of China from 1840.

Frans-Paul van der Putten (1970) studied history at Leiden University, where he specialised in the history of European imperialism in East Asia. He wrote a doctoral dissertation on political risk and business strategies in the early twentieth-century China. Frans-Paul is a former editor-in-chief of Itinerario: Journal of Imperial and Global Interactions. Prior to joining Clingendael in January 2007 he worked as a researcher at Nyenrode Business University.